Just who are Land Journeys?

We are a team of professional, fully-qualified outdoor instructors and guides with many years of experience who have a passion for taking people to new and exciting places. Many of our instructors are members of local cave and mountain rescue teams and have experience of leading groups and expeditions to many of the world’s wild places. Having worked with both civilian and military groups we have the experience to make your journey enjoyable, memorable and stress-free.


Toby Dryden

Toby DrydenLead Guide
Toby has been working in the outdoors since 1983 and his given skill for many years has been caving. Since 1974 he has been a member of the local Cave Rescue Team, working his way up to Team Trainer, and has been a controller for many years. Toby spent many years as a freelance instructor and now works for the British Army as an Adventure Training Instructor part of which involves taking Army groups along the Appalachian Trail. Toby also spends a set time each year in Belize exploring and mapping unknown caves in the jungle and training the local guides in conservation and how to look after tourists.

Jess Pabrza-Delves

Jess Pabreza-DelvesCustomer Liaison
Jess is mainly our tech person. She looks after the bookings, the money and basically provides the common sense. Jess loves to talk to people and is a very friendly face. Jess has also walked parts of the Appalachian Trail.


Additionally we also have these lovely people making everything run smoothly.


Jess Burkey

Jess BurkeyAssistant Guide
Jess has been leading expeditions for quite a few years now. One of her favourite destinations is the Sahara desert, but she has also taken groups up Kilimanjaro and Toubkal, around Mt. Blanc, over the Sierra Nevada and down into the Grand Canyon. A keen cyclist, she also enjoys participating in and helping out at cycle events both home and abroad. Most weekends, however, will find her underground – climbing, swimming, crawling and wriggling through caves.

Jenna Person

JennaUSA Handler
Jenna lives with her dog Murphy. They both enjoy hiking, camping, backpacking, kayaking, snowshoeing, bonfires, outdoor gear, laughing, cooking and live music. Murphy also enjoys sticks.


Leila Connolly Standring

Leila Connolly StandringAssistant Guide
Leila has worked in the outdoors and led trekking, personal development and multi-activity expeditions for over a decade. Instructing trekking, climbing, caving, surfing, cycling, sailing, forest skills and being involved in most other activities, she has never-ending enthusiasm for the outdoors. She has just returned home from 4 years being an expedition manager and leader in South East Asia. Currently she is bringing up her baby girl, while she continues to surf and trek around Europe from her motorhome and base in South Wales.